Epoxy Flooring and Hard Surface Refinishing

Question: Why Epoxy Floor Coating?

Answer: Epoxy Coating can easily transform your worn-out and unprotected flooring into beautiful, bright, easy to maintain surfaces. The benefits include improved safety (anti skid surfaces), durable and lasting beauty, mildew and mold resistent.


Question: What is Epoxy?

Answer: Epoxy Coating = Epoxy Resin + Hardener (co-reactant).


Question: Proper Application of Epoxy?
Answer: When properly mixed and applied, epoxies produce a hard finish to your existing floor. There are several combinations of resin and hardener, including JetRock™. An application specialist will consider the environment before applying your epoxy coating to determine what mix is best for your application.


Question: Are there temperature considerations to consider:
Answer: YES. There are temperature requirements for epoxy coatings - especially during the installation process. It is not wise to apply an epoxy coating in frigid temperatures. Once applied, it is important for fresh air to circulate over the surface during the drying process. Once cured, epoxy coatings can withstand a broad range of temperatures (both inside and outside).


Question: Where do you recommend epoxy coating applications?

Answer: The most popular applications include:

  • Restaurants / Hospitality
  • Medical Establishments
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Education Buildings
  • Municipal
  • Other public high traffic areas