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JetRock is the perfect floor re-finishing solution for hotels because of its aesthetics, its durability, its safety and speed of installation. If you're putting off fixing your floors because you can't afford the downtime, consider the fact that JetRock can be installed overnight when you're sleeping!

The practical benefits for installing JetRock are obvious. The skid-free, durable surface makes your facility safer for both your employees and your customers. Add to that the fact that JetRock is beautiful to look at and you can see why JetRock is the answer to your flooring upgrade needs.

Applications worth considering in any hotel facility include any of the wet flooring areas: kitchens, dishrooms, laundry facilities, indoor pool decks, bathrooms, service areas and mechanical rooms. The floor is easier to clean, is safer to walk on especially when wet, stays mold and mildew free and lasts for years even under heavy traffic.