Restaurant Kitchen Floor re-Finishing

in Commercial Kitchens

Get skid Free, sanitary, durable kitchen flooring without tearing out your existing floor. You can't afford to shut down. We can get it done while you're sleeping!

Your restaurant kitchen floor takes the most punishment of any surface. And since you're kitchen is the life-blood of your business, when do you have time to fix or refinish your kitchen floor? The fact is that most will put it off simply because of time constraints to the point where the kitchen floor is more than just unsightly, it's a liability!

Superior Hard Surface Solutions can get rid of your cracked, slippery and unsanitary tile kitchen floors in a day (overnight!). Jetrock is the floor your kitchen needed to begin with.

Applications of jetrock are found in commercial kitchens, bathrooms, dishrooms, service areas, cooler boxes and mechanical rooms.