Senior Housing and Nursing Home Flooring Solutions

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While the primary concern of any senior housing facility is the safety of its residents, it's also important to have a facility that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. JetRock can give you both!

JetRock is a highly durable flooring product that can be applied directly over old tile, worn and broken floors. This offers many benefits to residents of your facility:

  1. The floor is more sanitary. The mold that clings to old broken tile will become a thing of the past.
  2. The floor is safer. A skid free floor for seniors to walk on is an absolute must.
  3. The floor is beautiful. The jetrock application works in any living space (even outside!)

Using JetRock in the kitchen improves the safety of your servers and cooks for those facilities that offer food services to their residents. Applications in the laundry rooms, showers, bathrooms help keep those areas safe even when they are wet.

The JetRock surface is easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful and safe. You'll wonder why you didn't do this long ago!